Spring 2020


135 Geographical Squadron Royal Engineers

Annual Camp
In September, the squadron deployed to Okehampton in Devon for 2 weeks and undertook various elements of training. This training included a technical exercise, infantry exercise, live firing on the ranges and also adventurous training.

Lord Mayor’s Show and Remembrance
In November the squadron once again took part in the Lord Mayor’s Show in Central London. The squadron’s new owl suit was able to make it’s inaugural appearance. The squadron also took part in the Remembrance activities on Remembrance Sunday.

In December the squadron held it’s annual Christmas function during an administration weekend.

In January the squadron deployed on a Technical Exercise to test the squadron’s main role of Bulk Replication. This was a challenging exercise with live mapping tasks to complete.

In February, the squadron held one of it’s Military Annual Training Test weekends to ensure all the troops in the squadron were classed as efficient. The Squadron also held two technical courses. The Geographic Technician Intermediate is the initial trade course that qualifies soldiers as Geographic Technicians. The second course was a Positioning Survey course which gave the attendees a specialist geographic qualification.

Future events

March to April
All soldiers in the squadron are required to be qualified as military drivers. This March weekend ensured our soldiers are up to date on the various military and civilian vehicles the squadron holds. In April a ranges weekend will be held. This is an important opportunity for soldiers to test improve their marksmanship skills.

Endeavour dinner – May
Promoting excellence is always rewarding and this award provides the Worshipful Company and the Squadron the opportunity to jointly congratulate an outstanding member of the Squadron. The dinner itself is an alumni event and so allows those that have previously served with the Squadron to catch up with their old friends and to make new ones. The dinner is usually a huge success and we look forward to welcoming the Master to the Remembrance weekend for the announcement of the new Endeavour Award winner. 

Driving Training weekend – June
All soldiers in the squadron are required to be qualified as military drivers. This weekend ensured our soldiers were up to date on the various military and civilian vehicles the squadron holds.

Combat Engineer Training – July
In July the squadron will hold a week of combat engineer training. All soldiers in the squadron are Combat Engineers and this weekend is an important and enjoyable opportunity to brush up on these skills. Soldiers will also get the chance to partake in some adventurous training.

Battlefield study – September
This year the squadron will be visiting Sicily to study the Allied Invasion of Sicily in 1945 – Operation Husky. This study is still in the early planning stages but will prove to be a thought provoking and informative trip.

Soldier First Syllabus – September
In September the squadron will conduct an infantry training exercise. This is part of the wider Army’s soldier First directive which ensures soldiers are up to date on their basic infantry skills. The exercise will include arduous training in the field, using blank ammunition and pyrotechnics to make the training as realistic as possible.


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