Endeavour Award

The Company awards a prize annually to each of its Military Affiliates, to encourage outstanding service above that normally expected from a member of that unit. The exact criteria for the award are agreed between the Company and the Unit Commanding Officer at the time of the presentation. The recipient is chosen by the Unit Commanding Officer and each year the prize is presented by the Master, or one of the Court.

The current recipients of these awards are:

135 Geographical Squadron Royal Engineers (V):

Staff Seargent Morgan

Staff Sergeant Morgan enlisted into the Regular Army on 22 February 1989 into the Corps of Royal Engineers. Upon completion of his Colour Service he transferred to the Army Reserve and joined 135 Geographic Squadron Royal Engineers on 6 May 2016.

Keen, motivated and determined to add value at every opportunity Staff Sergeant Morgan has gone above and beyond to improve the operational effectiveness of the Squadron. He has used his depth and innate enthusiasm and selfless commitment to deliver Squadron annual testing at RAF Wyton, and has also personally overseen and participated in the detailed planning and execution of the Military Engineer Geographic Intermediate and the Military Engineer Geographic Advanced courses. All of this has ensured the operational effectiveness of many 135 Squadron soldiers and took significant personal sacrifice to achieve. His technical acumen was very apparent and it is his desire to set the highest of standards that has marked him out.

In addition he has made it a personal responsibility to mentor and develop soldiers within his Troop to extremely good effect. A mentee achieved extremely high standards on his Phase 1 Training courses due to the excellent preparation provided by Staff Sergeant Morgan. He utilised his experience and his depth to extremely good effect, but it was in his application of the Values and Standards of the British Army where he ably demonstrated his quality and assisted a young soldier realise his early true potential.

In recognition of his selfless commitment to maintaining the field deployable capability of the Squadron, his determination and outstanding support to Squadron outputs Staff Sergeant Sta is awarded the 135 Squadron Endeavour Award for 2020.

1979Sgt T A Jones ACC (V)2000LCpl S M Clasper RE (V)
1980Sgt J F Jackson REME (V)2001Sgt S D Billing AGC (V)
1981Cpl D Hutchison RE (V)2002Cpl M Carey RE (V)
1982LCpl C G Boocock RE (V)2003Spr W Ede RE (V)
1983Cpl L J Hunt RE (V)2004Cpl A P Skeet RE (V)
1984Cpl P C Stevens RE (V)2005Sgt K Hale RLC (V)
1985WO2 J W Mursell RE (V)2006Cpl G P Macbeth (V)
1986Cpl J A Tuttle (V)2007SSgt D R Windebank RE (V)
1987Cpl De Jager RE (V)2008Sgt L M Taylor RE (V)
1988Sgt R M Crisp RE (V)2009Sgt I Garvie RE (V)
1989Cpl V C Bass RE (V)2010Sgt J Batterbee RE (V)
1990Sgt J E P Julian RE (V)2011Sgt N D Watkins RE (V)
1991Pte J E Dixon WRAC (V)2012Cpl D Olajide
1992Cpl T H Ives RE (V)2013LCpl A Walmsley
1993Cpl R C Wilmshurst RE (V)2014LCpl Paul Mackrill
1994Cpl S C Wakeman RE (V)2015Cpl O'Neill
1995Cpl P A Wright RE (V)2016Cpl B Hewlet
1996Cpl N J Archer RE (V)2017Cpl G W Kirchmair
1997Spr Maranzano RE (V)2018LCpl Nortje
1998LCpl N A M Archer RE (V)2019LCpl Forbes
1999SSgt G M Hislop RE (V)2020SSgt Morgan


7010 Photographic Interpretation Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force:

SAC Amber Guest

As a member of both the RAF Women’s Rugby Union Team and Wakeboarding teams, she has represented the Service at Inter-Services championship level. She also deployed on Op RESCRIPT, detached to work with a 7th Infantry Brigade Coronavirus Mobile Testing Unit in the East of England in the summer of last year.

Full list of RAF awards:

2004Flt Lt Norman Gray
2005FS Paul Williamson
2006Flt Lt Clayton Hudson
2007Flt Lt Stuart Talton
2008/09SAC Tom Sutch
2010SAC Ed Wright
2011SAC Iain Ballantyne
2012Flt Lt Matt Byrnes
2013Flt Lt Simon Funnell (Cc)
2014SAC John Moat
2015Flt Sgt John Wilson
2016Flt Lt Matt Byrnes
2017Not awarded
2018Not awarded
2019SAC Lou Elkington
2020SAC Amber Guest


HMS Echo:

2019: Lieutenant Commander Phillips, Royal Australian Navy

Lieutenant Commander Ian Phillips of the Royal Australian Navy is on a 30 month exchange programme with the Royal Navy. He completed the prestigious International Hydrographic Organisation Category A surveyor course in Plymouth before joining ECHO as one of our two Operations Officers.

During 18 months on board Phillips has faced a diverse range of tasking from counter people-trafficking operations in the central Mediterranean, to high profile defence engagement and Russia facing operations in the Black Sea, NATO operations and of course lots of hydrographic survey work. Sharing responsibility for the coordination of these high intensity operations, the scale of the task would be daunting in the best of circumstances. The success with which he has adapted to unfamiliar organisational arrangements and work practices has revealed Phillips’ to be an exceptionally dedicated and proactive officer. An experienced hydrographic surveyor, he has invested a great deal of time and effort in finding ways to improve the quality and efficiency of survey products.

Phillips’ professional output is matched by his contribution to the social aspects of ship borne life. A first rate ambassador for the Australian Navy he is also a worthy recipient of the 2019 Endeavour Award.

2010CPO Roy Burdon
2011Leading Engineering Technician (Marine Engineer) William Beale
2012Not awarded
2013Chief Survey Recorder (CSR) Jules Ryder
2014Lt Cdr O D Barritt RNv
2015PO Gemma Oldroyd
2016Not awarded
2017Not awarded
2018Petty Officer Steven Durrant
2019Lieutenant Commander Ian Phillips Royal Australian Navy

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