The Master, Tony Joyce and the Master’s Lady, Polly together with their daughter Harriet enjoyed a fabulous day at THE Palace.

This was preceded by a scrumptious lunch in the private dining room at the Goring Hotel with 5 other Masters and their consorts.

The weather forecasted thunderstorms and a deluge but we were blessed with wall to wall sunshine.

The Masters
The Consorts
Polly Tony and Harriet
Her Majesty The Queen
Prince William
Princess Eugenie — she mingled with the guests wonderfully
A beautifully turned out band
Our friends the Beefeaters
The Master and his Lady sated and relaxing in the sunshine after a delicious tea.
We Tuk Tuked back to the Goring Hotel to the great amusement of the tourists.
The Japanese cameras were very active at this point.


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