The Company became a member of the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies (FSG) in 2017. The FSG was formed in 2006 with its membership drawn entirely from the modern livery companies.


The main aim of the FSG is to coordinate the efforts of its 13 member companies in supporting the Lord Mayor, the Court of Aldermen and the City of London Corporation in promoting the City of London financial and business services sector. The FSG supports the Lord Mayor in his overseas visits and his meetings in the City with overseas delegations with the preparation of briefs specific to the countries involved. The purpose of these visits is:

• To promote the UK financial, professional, maritime and associated business services industries and the international expertise of the City of London.

• To support bilateral commercial and political relations.

• To demonstrate the importance of the City of London to the Financial Sector as a leading global financial centre, a provider of liquidity and a model of best practice.

• To promote London as a centre of excellence for business, education, training and professional qualifications.

The FSG represents many of the professional and financial services activities that contribute to the City’s international reputation. Other livery company members are the Accountants, Actuaries, Arbitrators, Chartered Secretaries, Insurers, Information Technologists, International Bankers, Management Consultants, Marketors, Solicitors, Tax Advisors and World Traders.

With the Civic City the FSG seeks to be proactive with those who develop, make and administer policy so that they receive informed opinion. The FSG looks to engage with issues that benefit from applying the membership’s collective cross-discipline knowledge rather than those more appropriately addressed by the livery companies individually. The FSG organises meetings to foster greater understanding between its members and is currently working alongside the current Lord Mayor on the ‘Restoring Trust in the City’ initiative.

The Construction Liveries Group, first formed in 1988, was formed to provide an inter Livery forum for Construction related Livery Companies to exchange ideas and disseminate and co-ordinate initiatives directed at the raising of vocational, educational and training standards and the recognition of construction skills and qualifications.

It serves to maintain and enhance the profile of the Construction related Livery Companies within the City, and to ensure that the skills and expertise of the Construction Industry is fully understood.

These cornerstones are relevant today, and with 18 member companies, the thriving Group has an ever widening remit including links with FE Colleges, within, and outside of London, the now acclaimed Master Certificate Scheme that it runs each year on behalf of the Livery Company Skills Council, and jointly with the City and Guilds London Institute, and many other relevant schemes that are brought to the groups attention.

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