Endeavour Award

The Company awards a prize annually to each of its Military Affiliates, to encourage outstanding service above that normally expected from a member of that unit. The exact criteria for the award are agreed between the Company and the Unit Commanding Officer at the time of the presentation. The recipient is chosen by the Unit Commanding Officer and each year the prize is presented by the Master, or one of the Court.

The current recipients of these awards are:

7010 Photographic Interpretation Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force:

Flt Lt Matt Byrnes

The 2016 Surveyors’ Plate is awarded to someone who has shown significant commitment in mobilising for 12 months to RAF Marham. As a mission commander he was in charge of a tight-knit team supporting Operation SHADER. His display of professionalism in coolly managing his missions was second to none and was rightly acknowledged with an AOC’s commendation in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List. He displayed the same level of professionalism throughout his mobilisation, gaining the respect of the whole of the Wing at RAF Marham and thereby raising the profile of Reserves. In recognition of his professionalism and performance as mission commander, the Surveyors’ Plate was awarded to Flt Lt Byrnes by Honorary Air Commodore (HAC) Patman on 8 Oct 2016.

Full list of RAF awards:

2004Flt Lt Norman Gray
2005FS Paul Williamson
2006Flt Lt Clayton Hudson
2007Flt Lt Stuart Talton
2008/09SAC Tom Sutch
2010SAC Ed Wright
2011SAC Iain Ballantyne
2012Flt Lt Matt Byrnes
2013Flt Lt Simon Funnell (Cc)
2014SAC John Moat
2015Flt Sgt John Wilson
2016Flt Lt Matt Byrnes


HMS Echo:

PO Oldroyd

PO Oldroyd is recommended for the WCCS RN survey award for 2015 in recognition of her outstanding work in the survey department, going above and beyond her core duties which have directly contributed to the overall operational efficiency of HMS ECHO.

A strong RN advocate and credible leader, Oldroyd is compassionate and dependable. She constantly leads by example and ensures that her subordinates are well supported. Oldroyd has a firm handle on all technical and practical aspects of her role onboard. An accomplished surveyor and Navy professional; Oldroyd constantly seeks out opportunities to increase her professional knowledge and developments in surveying techniques.

Oldroyd effortlessly balances manpower requirements and clearly articulates training requirements as the Warfare Department Coordinator, ensuring the smooth running of the department and maximising ECHO’s OC. Oldroyd has displayed outstanding leadership and commitment throughout 2015, taking on additional responsibilities in the absence of a Chief Senior Rate and Operations Officer, performing admirably and well above her expected core roles and responsibilities.

Whilst recent opportunities for survey work have been limited due to changes to ECHO’s operational tasking, Oldroyd has continued to drive the training and development of the Ship’s survey systems ensuring that a core capability is maintained to professional standards. Oldroyd drives others to fulfil their potential, encouraging personnel to take on a mentoring approach when dealing with subordinates. In this way she ensures the team functions well as a whole and is not reliant on any one individual for key skills.

PO Oldroyd should be justifiably proud of her achievements in 2015, which are in the finest traditions of the Royal Navy.

2010CPO Roy Burdon
2011Leading Engineering Technician (Marine Engineer) William Beale
2012Not awarded
2013Chief Survey Recorder (CSR) Jules Ryder
2014Lt Cdr O D Barritt RNv
2015PO Gemma Oldroyd


135 Geographical Squadron Royal Engineers (V):

Cpl G W Kirchmair

Cpl Kirchmair embarked on his military career by joining 2nd Battalion Military Intelligence based at Chetwynd Barracks Nottingham in March 2006. In 2008 he moved to 4th Battalion Military Intelligence, where he spent the next two years. In July 2010 he took part in OP Batuk in Nairobi, Kenya for 7 months. On completion of his Regular Army Career Cpl Kirchmair transferred to 135 Geographic Squadron RE in July 2013.

Since this time he has strived to contribute to the Squadron by taking on leadership and instructional roles that have allowed him to progress and earn his peers respect.

Cpl Kirchmair’s positive, ‘can do’ attitude is a credit to himself and an excellent example to all other aspiring JNCO’s. His willingness to volunteer to train Phase 1 new recruits on parade nights has further developed his Instructional techniques and shown that he can be totally relied upon to represent the Squadron in an excellent light.

He has in October of this year completed his Geographic Technician Advanced Course.

The Endeavour Award is presented annually, to the individual who has given outstanding and loyal support to the Squadron, whilst participating and contributing in a variety of activities throughout the training year. The fact that Cpl Kirchmair has been selected for this honour, demonstrates the significance of his outstanding contribution to unit life, during this period.

It is for his devotion to duty and sheer hard work that Cpl Kirchmair receives the prestigious “Endeavour Award” which is presented annually by the Master of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors’ and is this year, presented by Mr Tony Joyce.

1979Sgt T A Jones ACC (V)1999SSgt G M Hislop RE (V)
1980Sgt J F Jackson REME (V)2000LCpl S M Clasper RE (V)
1981Cpl D Hutchison RE (V)2001Sgt S D Billing AGC (V)
1982LCpl C G Boocock RE (V)2002Cpl M Carey RE (V)
1983Cpl L J Hunt RE (V)2003Spr W Ede RE (V)
1984Cpl P C Stevens RE (V)2004Cpl A P Skeet RE (V)
1985WO2 J W Mursell RE (V)2005Sgt K Hale RLC (V)
1986Cpl J A Tuttle (V)2006Cpl G P Macbeth (V)
1987Cpl De Jager RE (V)2007SSgt D R Windebank RE (V)
1988Sgt R M Crisp RE (V)2008Sgt L M Taylor RE (V)
1989Cpl V C Bass RE (V)2009Sgt I Garvie RE (V)
1990Sgt J E P Julian RE (V)2010Sgt J Batterbee RE (V)
1991Pte J E Dixon WRAC (V)2011Sgt N D Watkins RE (V)
1992Cpl T H Ives RE (V)2012Cpl D Olajide
1993Cpl R C Wilmshurst RE (V)2013LCpl A Walmsley
1994Cpl S C Wakeman RE (V)2014LCpl Paul Mackrill
1995Cpl P A Wright RE (V)2015Cpl OÕNeill
1996Cpl N J Archer RE (V)2016Cpl B Hewlet
1997Spr Maranzano RE (V)2017Cpl G W Kirchmair
1998LCpl N A M Archer RE (V)

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