Masters were invited to attend a presentation in the Crypt at the Guildhall.

The opening address was given by Sir David Wootton and members of the Scouting Association on the positive impact of Scouting on the lives of young people today.

The Master with Mrs Sazeda Patel and Mark Parker from The Scouting Association

Mrs Patel gave an inspirational address how she had set up a scout troop in Bolton against severe pressure from her Islamic Community. She persevered and now has a waiting list of over 300 children.

She explained that scouting gives young people confidence, teaches them skills and enables them to develop cross cultural friendships.

Her community are now fully behind the movement even with many muslim children attending church parades.

In the immortal words in the film Casablanca ‘the usual suspects’
L to R: Carman Patrick Marsland-Roberts, Architect Stephen Wagstaffe, Tyler & Bricklayer Jeff Fuller, Fueller Chloe Andrews-Jones, The Master, Plaisterer Richard Hanney, Clockmaker Roy Harris

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