33 Modern Livery Companies were represented at the sumptuous 4 course Spring Dinner.

Mike Williamson, Master Water Conservator proposed the Toast to the Lord Mayor and gave a passionate address on the urgent need to reduce the use of plastics.

An entertaining response was given by Alderman Peter Estlin but with more serious emphasis on The Power of Collaboration, Ancient and Modern coming together.

A Waterman and Lighterman in Uniform

The Watermen of the River Thames were equivalent to river taxis transporting passengers up and down and across the River. The Lightermen were workers who transferred goods between ships and quays, aboard flat-bottomed barges called lighters in the Port of London.

The Master Insurer and Master Architect in the Waterman’s Hall
The Master Actuary and Master, Master Mariner (yes Master, Master is correct!)
Two Masters sharing a joke together

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