The Carpenters Company is one of the oldest of the Liveries having been established in 1429 and is one of the wealthiest companies, owning property around the Hall in Throgmorton Avenue just off London Wall. The Hall was re built in 1960, following the destruction of the previous hall in the Second World War; it is in the style of a Georgian building.

The Carpenters’ Company has its own Trades’ Training Scholl located in Stratford which trains apprentices in the woodworking crafts and the Company also supports the Carpenters Primary School  in Stratford.

The lunch on 14 August was to celebrate the installation of Martin Samuel as Master, although not a carpenter by trade – being at Lloyds, he comes from a long line of Liverymen and his grandfather was a Master of the company.

Very late to the joys of mixed company, the Carpenters only started to admit women in 2004, and I have to say sitting as I was surrounded by eminent Past Masters I did feel something of a novelty, as always the company and the food and wine were superb and almost made up for being in London in the middle of summer.

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