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  Military Affiliates Report, Winter 2015

135 Geographical Squadron Royal Engineers (V)

HMS Echo

Operation TRIG MED has been the main activity over the last 6 weeks. The Squadron deployed in support of the Sovereign base Area Administration, British Forces Cyprus to recce, reinstate and, where required, re-survey all the boundary pillars of the two Sovereign Base Areas. This is a legal obligation as part of the Treaty with the Republic of Cyprus and provides a great opportunity for the Soldiers to disperse along the borders to conduct the work under the own responsibility. With the SBAA split over two sites, the Squadron deployed over two periods completing the work firstly in the East and then in the West.

In addition to this, normal works have continued with the Squadron. This involves day to day administration and equipment maintenance as well as recruiting such as the Squadron's representation at the recent Association of Geospatial Information Geocom event as well as at the University of London Officer Training Corps Arms and Services evening.

There have also been key community events such as Remembrance Day which passed extremely well. Even though much of the Squadron was deployed, there were still over one hundred people at the Ewell Army Reserve Centre after the service. Armistice Day was also celebrated with Epsom Council.

As is Squadron tradition, Remembrance Day also provided the opportunity for the Master to award the Endeavour Award to the most deserving Soldier. This year it was awarded to Cpl Sandra O'Neill. As she was deployed in Cyprus, the OC accepted it on her behalf and it was later awarded to her by the Honorary Colonel, Dr Vanessa Lawrence, Col Tony Wilby and the Commanding Officer, Lt Col Nicky Bell, during their visit to the Squadron in Cyprus.

HMS Echo

Gibraltar Port survey

Whilst investigating MBES data gathered during a bathymetric survey for HI1487 a shoal patch 150m in length and 60m wide and of least depth 4.6m was discovered to the South of New Camp Jetty, currently undergoing redevelopment. The shoal patch is located in an area charted as 9.3m posing a requirement for change to the critical soundings in the vicinity.

HMS Echo

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